Inspirational Lady Monday


Shalane ran an incredible race this morning. There’s been a lot of build up to Boston for her — she announced very publicly that she wasn’t just after a great performance. She wanted a win.

She came away with 6th place. But she set one of the fastest Boston paces in history, creating a record-breaking race, and gaining a PR in the process.

Finally, after crossing the finish line in the fastest time ever run by an American woman at Boston, Shalane followed it all up with an amazingly gracious post-race interview.

She just showed us all that there’s no shame in being loud and proud about your goals, working for what you want, and falling short. That, in and of itself, is incredibly inspirational.

Inspirational Lady Monday + My Next Mission

6a00d83518cb2b53ef01156fc0d218970c-500wiThe inspirational lady on this rainy Monday is artist and author Keri Smith.

Author of several amazing books and collections of thoughts (as well as creator of unique challenges and illustrations), Keri has inspired people all over the world to approach the world in a new way.

keri smith journals

I followed Keri’s blog obsessively back in high school and only recently-rediscovered it. The little quotes she drops into her blog are so thought-provoking.

Keri has inspired me to seek a little more unexpected, irrational magic in my life this week! Reading her blog last night made me feel excited to leave a note in a public place, wrap a gift for a neighbor I haven’t met, give strangers kind compliments… What could be better inspiration than that?

tumblr_mudr7kFaVJ1qau7j6o1_1280So, my mission for the week (I’ll be traveling, but so much the better!): Do something unexpected and fun for other people every day. I’ll report back on Sunday with the little acts of magic I have done!

Inspirational Lady Monday (on a Tuesday)

I love food blogs. Looking at photos, reading posts, cooking from them… It’s how I procrastinate (and probably why this is being posted on a Tuesday rather than a Monday…).

One of my favorite food bloggers (and one of the internet’s most popular) is Joy Wilson, of Joy the Baker.


Being a successful food blogger in the blogosphere today is hard work: posting frequent posts, with well-tested recipes and amazing photographs, on a beautifully designed blog, all while keeping up with emails, comments and Social Media. Also, you probably want to make some money out of all of this hard work, so you’re hustling to manage your advertisers and write sponsored posts… while maintaining your blog’s integrity and keeping your reader engaged. Whewthis is why I’m not a food blogger.


Joy makes all of this look effortless in her beautiful photos and unique recipes — but she is also simultaneously transparent and real about the hard work she puts into her job. She’s a baker, but she’s also a business lady.

I love her recipes (of course) but the written posts are also total gems.

A few posts by Joy that are well worth the read:

10 Real Talk Blog Tips and 10 Real Talk Blog Tips Part II:
A hilarious (and totally real) look at the world of food blogging. As someone who has a (non-professional) food blog, I can vouch this is all 100% true.

How to Read a Recipe
A great lesson for first-time cooks and a worthwhile reminder to anyone who has been cooking/baking for a long time… “read the dang recipe!”

Unsolicited Advice for 21 Year Old Girls
Hey… that’s me!

Pistachio, Orange and Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls
Put these in your oven this weekend! Brunch victory.


You all should definitely listen to the podcast Joy does with fellow food blogger Tracy of Shutterbean. If you want to listen to one particularly great episode (in which Erika and I ask Joy and Tracy a question via phone!) click here.

For more Joy: Her cookbook (another one coming out at the end of this year!) and a great interview on The EveryGirl.

Alright, I’m off to skip work and look at photos of cookies. Happy Tuesday everyone!

[Photos: 1) Leela Cyd 2) Joy the Baker 3) HomeFries]

Inspirational Lady Monday

Maybe it’s just because I have been so full of big questions and confusion lately, but I have been feeling in need of some inspiration.

I’ve talked before about how easy to feel like I’m way out of my league, like sometimes this running-a-business thing is just too hard. When I hear from other women leading the way with honesty and a great sense of humor — well, that makes me feel much better.

Introducing the first (of what I hope is many) Inspirational Lady Mondays!


First off, the ladies of TheSkimm (which, if you don’t already subscribe to… you’re welcome).

The post I loved: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly via TheSkimm Blog

My favorite quote: “Being able to pitch our company to someone else forced us to rearticulate, redefine, and sharpen our vision for theSkimm. It turned us into better co-founders and co-CEOs. It brought us focus and tougher skin.”


Second: Lisa Sedlar, former CEO of New Seasons Market (our first store shelves!) and recent founder of Green Zebra Grocery here in Portland!

The post I loved: 10 Things I’ve Learned as an Entrepreneur via OEN Blog

My favorite quote: “I’ve made some really big mistakes. I’m really happy to talk about my mistakes. I valued the business maybe not where I should have. I didn’t know much about raising money. I still don’t know a lot about raising money. I’m learning that. I’ve learned to take the advice of people who are smarter than me.”