What is this blog about?
This blog is dedicated (mostly) to living life as an entrepreneur — what I’ve learned from my experiences, what lingering questions I still have, my stuggles, interests and goals… really it’s just a little business diary, as much for readers as it is for Future Keeley (whoever she may be).

Who are you?
I’m Keeley Tillotson, and I’m 21 years old. A bit more about me:

  • Attended University of Oregon from 2009-2011, until…
  • I started Wild Friends Nut Butter in January 2011. As a result I spend a lot (some might say too much) of my time thinking about, eating, baking/cooking with, and generally pondering peanut butter.
  • I also really enjoy reading, baking/cooking with non-peanut butter ingredients, writing, drawing, running and doing yoga.
  • I like to think critically about work, life, balance, and how to best spend my time. It’s a work in progress.

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