2018-04-10 20.40.21

The couple we hired to install new floors at our house gave us an air fryer.

2018-04-11 07.09.15

Morning 6k race with November Project.

2018-04-12 14.24.50

Our logo has changed a bit over the years.

2018-04-13 19.29.10

Volunteering at Girls Inc’s fundraise event Power of the Purse.

2018-04-14 17.39.31

Peter and I ran a 5k in Corvallis, Oregon and this was the only photo I took all weekend. Go figure.

2018-04-17 06.55.44

Wish-making potential in our yard.

2018-04-17 11.38.24

Teammates and banana bread.


2018-04-21 13.11.28

Mama + coffee. We had a ladies cake-tasting weekend in Bend.

2018-04-21 19.25.56

This is where we’re getting married! So excited.

2018-04-21 21.18.40-1

Ladies looking pretty (terrifying).