2018-03-25 13.47.35-1

Walking the yard post-run with my fellow homeowner.

2018-03-25 13.48.57

Taking stock of the random junk in our yard… we have a spring clean-out coming up!

2018-03-26 12.46.17

Bridge views.

2018-03-26 18.03.49

Waiting for the bus in puffy jacket + sneakers weather.

2018-03-28 07.33.42

The Mt. Tabor reservoirs… always a pretty view.

2018-03-28 15.14.05

More good-smelling spring things.

2018-03-29 14.33.00

Reading Meaningful Work on the plane to San Francisco for a CEO Coaching workshop. Loving it.

2018-03-30 06.32.01

Dream of running across the Golden Gate bridge, realized! Here’s the sunrise view.

2018-03-30 06.45.16

It’s a mile and a half across – I can’t decide if it looks longer or shorter than that.

2018-03-30 19.27.11

A date with myself, a glass of wine, and my book. I love eating alone and believe it one of life’s great pleasures.

2018-03-31 13.02.59

Curious little neighbor during our yard clean-up.