I’m still off Instagram, per my New Years Resolution, and I’m loving it! A few photos from my phone to share…

2018-01-11 12.13.17

A message for myself (via Austin Kleon).

2018-01-11 17.15.13

How Peter entertains himself while I finish work.

2018-01-13 10.07.28

Breakfast date post-gym on Saturday.

2018-01-14 10.04.13

Stop in at Tabor Bread to see Caroline mid-walk on Sunday.

2018-01-14 13.17.44

Gave blood with my mom! We race to see who can give blood fastest. She beat me by two seconds.

2018-01-15 14.34.25

New office views.

2018-01-15 16.48.31

I cut Erika’s hair after work. She cleans up. It’s pretty glamorous.

2018-01-16 07.36.15

My “motivation” to exercise on the chalkboard wall at the gym.

2018-01-16 07.37.10

Evening sky.

2018-01-16 10.59.14

Flew to Cincinnatti. Ate some almond butter.

2018-01-18 13.46.14

Lunch with Oprah.

2018-01-18 16.11.32

The WF Marketing Team putting together some super cute Valentines gifts.

2018-01-18 17.30.05

An evening of R&D.

2018-01-19 14.05.43

The Wild Friends team volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank this week. We repacked onions into smaller bags. It was fun!

2018-01-19 16.55.06

Costco date with E. We bought a big screen for our conference room.

2018-01-21 11.39.30

Coffee and plants.

2018-01-21 17.37.43

We hosted eight people for dinner on Sunday night. Peter made soup, and our friend Claire came over early and made homemade mozzarella cheese (!). Art above our stove by Corita Kent.