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A few things I’ve been thinking and noticing lately:

  • I am very momentum driven. Working a lot = I like working. Taking a break from routine and having a sporadic schedule (i.e. holidays) is like climbing into a warm bath I don’t want to get out of. It’s hard for me to jump into the rushing river of work – but once I’m in the water’s fine. Reminding myself this as I gear up to get back to the office tomorrow.
  • Sleep is my single biggest influencer. Not a big surprise, I’ve always known this, but getting enough sleep over the holidays has reminded me that I am a different (much better) person when well rested.
  • My self-deprecating humor is probably enforcing some habits I don’t love about myself. Example: I’ll riff on the fact that that I hate summer and sunshine, or that I’m bad at directions. True as these statements may be for me now, saying them out loud over and over is likely subconsciously preventing me from taking steps to change.
  • Tuna salad on greens (with Mama Lil’s peppers) has been my favorite lunch for weeks and is still going strong.
  • I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction (for AltMBA, rapidly approaching). Feeling ready for fiction. Next up may be my yearly or so re-read of the Harry Potter series.

Also worth noting – the ever amazing Peter has put together a cool project called A New Year’s Reader. Worth a thoughtful read (or two).