Each week, I get a phone call from our external accounting contractor. (This is essentially a fancy way of saying that I am finally paying someone smarter than me to manage our Quickbooks so I can quit messing it up).

The woman I speak with each week is amazing – great at her job, good sense of humor, and generally makes my life much easier. So, when we start our phone calls, I like to be considerate, ask her how she’s doing and engage in a bit of small talk.

This morning’s small talk started like this:
Me: “Hi, how’s it going?:”
Her: “Great, how are you?”
Me: “Good – happy it’s Friday! It’s been a crazy week.”
Her: “Wow, it seems like it’s always a crazy week for you guys.”

At this point, I immediately felt sheepish and felt like backpedaling. Now that she’d mentioned it, I realized how on pretty much every weekly call that’s the phrasing I use:


Sure, every week at WF is eventful, but not truly crazy. I’m not any busier than anybody else with a modern job. Besides, I really don’t want to be the person walking around complain-bragging about how “crazy” my week is or how “busy” I am.

If you say it enough, it becomes true. And I’d hate for a key descriptor of my life to be “crazy”.