NoPo Thursday

Push-ups are a simple, but difficult exercise.

Using just your arms, you lower your entire body weight to hover very slightly above the ground, then push your entire body weight back up. Excellent push-up technique dictates that your entire body remain flat (like plank position) engaging your core, looking slightly forward, spine straight.

This is HARD!

Because this is such a challenging exercise, it’s very common to see push-ups being done with knees on the ground. This is a great way to start doing push-ups, as it’s easier to maintain good technique and do more reps.

What’s important though, is to continue to challenge. To un-modify. Maybe try to do one excellent complete push-up, before transitioning to modified knee push-ups for the remaining reps. The next week, do two.

I see too many people limiting themselves, in exercise and in life, because they are basing today’s abilities on what they could do yesterday.

The purpose of modifying, of making something easier in the beginning, is to perfect technique and build confidence – then move forward slowly and boldly into the next phase.

Photo Credit: @nopothursdays, the best local workout group in PDX