Building a team means…
Hiring amazing people.
Learning from and teaching the amazing people.
Making sure everyone feels ownership.
Investing in work relationships on a personal level.
Looking at a problem through someone else’s eyes.
Being empathetic.
Being communicative.
Listening as much as possible.
Collaborating and delegating, even when it often sounds easier to do it alone.

Building individuals means…
Making sure everyone knows their own role and responsibilities.
Empowering team members to take ownership of tasks and decision-making.
Encouraging team members to pursue passion projects.
Listening to concerns and complaints, rewarding feedback rather than punishing it.
Learning how to provide constructive feedback and making sure others are thinking critically too.
Ensuring team members not only take on tasks that take advantage of their existing skills, but also challenge them to step up in areas that they struggle in.
Supporting any team member’s interest in expanding his or her skill set.

I want to be a leader that builds a team of individuals.