I’ve felt myself evolving a lot over the past few months. It’s been occasionally painful but really exciting at the same time.

There’s been a lot of moments, usually while listening to a podcast while running or reading in bed, that I’ve had some really valuable “ah-ha” moments. Here are a couple:

ON BODY IMAGE – while listening to an On Being Podcast with Brene Brown:

At one point in this interview, Brene shares a study that shows the #1 insecurity women have, by a huge majority, is body image.

It’s not surprising at all. I already knew this anecdotally – from my own experiences and those of my friends – but somehow hearing it said out loud by a field expert made a huge impact on me. My feelings about being a part of this majority of women were unexpectedly strong. I do NOT like to “go with the crowd” on anything else – in fact my instinct is to immediately reject the crowd mentality – and being another member of this vastly held insecurity suddenly felt completely mainstream and also so unnecessary for me. There is no courage in disliking or judging yourself.

Since listening to this podcast it has actually been relatively easy to reject negative body talk – I just remind myself that putting myself down is the EASY thing to do and the STRONG move is to ignore destructive self-talk.

ON HIRING – while reading The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz:

Ben talks a lot about hiring in his book. This is something we are currently talking a lot about here at Wild Friends and so I was paying special attention during these sections.

Ben reiterates many times the importance of hiring for the next 12 months — don’t hire the person you want doing the job when you’re at $100 Million if you’re only projected to do $20 Million in the next 12 months. The right person for the role right now is not necessarily the best person for five years down the line. Don’t get lost in the hype surrounding very experienced/exciting potential hires if they don’t fit the job that lies ahead in the next 12 months.

Above image via Ali Edwards.