If it wasn’t for my mom, who has bookmarked this webpage purely because she loves the photo at the top of my last post (written… well… months ago) I would probably have shut this blog down by now.

Frankly, it just really doesn’t look good that a website with my very name in the title has been kept up so badly. If I can’t even maintain my own URL, how can I even pretend to run a company? (In this same vein, please don’t follow me on Twitter).

The truth is that the longer the blog sat unattended, the more I felt that the only alternative to a complete shut down was a big “2015” post, announcing my goals for the year, recapping 2014, etcetera, etcetera.

Thankfully, now that it is February, everyone has forgotten that it’s a new year, and I can leave that annoying post behind.

Besides, in the end, it’s all about forward progress, and just typing these words feels like forward progress to me.

Cheers to what I hope will be a year of many little victories.