Disengaging and then re-engaging — it’s a never ending ebb and flow for me. Sometimes I am excited, full of energy, feeling fully engaged in “work mode”. Sometimes I wake up invigorated and ready to head out for my daily run, hop on the bus, and get to the office. Other times I feel full of dread each morning, unable to motivate to open my email inbox much less engage my brain in a full day of spreadsheet analyzing.

I’ve always struggled with my waves of passion for my pursuits — I am either deeply, incredibly interested in something, or completely disinterested. When I am motivated, I can be incredibly successful and productive. When I’m not, well… let’s just say I get a lot of blog-reading done.

Pre-company, I’ve always been able to pursue interests as long as I can maintain a deep passion — then move onto sometime else when I lose interest or my passion shifts. The natural flow of high school and college encourages this — each semester, trimester, or term, we naturally restructure our schedules and lives. Not so in this new “adult” world.

Wild Friends has taught me to ride out the ebbs and flows — to keep putting out consistent effort, regardless of passion. It always comes back. It’s important for me to remember to keep showing up, waiting for the return.