My business partner Erika is the wonderful, genuine voice behind all of Wild Friends social media — Facebook, Instagram, and the like.

She has generously offered to contribute to my BA 101 series and share her own tips on maintaining a successful, engaged, efficient presence on social media! Enjoy!


Before starting Wild Friends, “social media” was something I sporadically participated in. Sure, I had a Facebook and checked it every now and then, occasionally posting photos and statuses, but I approached social media very casually and never felt the need to actively engage.

Since founding Wild Friends, posting to various social media outlets every day is now a part of my daily routine. Right away, Keeley and I realized what an incredibly useful tool social media is when running a business.

Our goal is to create a fun, relatable brand that people want to talk about and share with their communities.

Here are my top five tips for creating a successful social media presence:

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 5.18.03 PM1) POST OFTEN

Whether it’s simply re-posting an article or photo from another source, or creating your own content, post something everyday! This is key to gaining and maintaining an engaged audience.

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 5.17.15 PM


If people leave a comment, positive or negative, respond to it as quickly as possible. If it’s a negative comment, they will see that you are taking control of the situation and not side stepping it. If it’s positive, your response will only inspire them to continue leaving great comments and spreading a positive word about your company.

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On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I will look up other brands that I love and be sure to follow them. I will leave comments to let them know that we love their products or services. If you put positive karma out into the world of social media, it will be returned! This is also a fun way to establish co-branding and partnerships with other companies in the future. Not only do I reach out to companies, but I also find people who have a strong following. For example, on Instagram, there are thousands of accounts surrounding healthy living and these people usually love nut butters! Connecting with people who are in line with your brand is a great way to gain followers fast.

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People love free stuff! It’s as simple as that. If I want a sure way to create excitement and engagement with our followers I will run a contest/giveaway. I have also found that the less complicated the rules the better. Something as simple as asking your followers to comment on the post, share the post with their followers or tag Wild Friends is an easy way for people to participate. The more complicated the rules are, the less likely people will participate and that defeats the purpose of increasing activity.

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Some people have celebrity crushes…I have company crushes. There are several companies who I think do a stellar job of branding. One of the things these companies have in common is that their photos and posts are really high quality and eye catching. I used to take blog photos with my iPhone and they were fine. But, once I started using a “real” camera it made a huge difference. This is especially important when taking photos of food because it’s very easy with a poor camera and bad lighting for food to look unappealing.


Thanks for sharing your tips Erika! You can follow what Erika is up to with Wild Friends on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and Pinterest.