It’s been busy over here: Besides several weeks of recent travel, Wild Friends recently moved into a real office (no more work from home for us!) and Erika and I moved into new homes!

While it is definitely bittersweet that our five-year roommate relationship is coming to an end, we are both so excited for the next time in our adult lives — working at an office and no longer living with co-workers! (And don’t worry… we will definitely still make excuses to hang out as much as humanly possible).

My new home is across Portland, in a brand new neighborhood that I already love. I’m living with new people too — two gals and a guy who I met on Craigslist. I knew they could be a good fit when I saw their selection process for roommates included the below questionnaire (instead of the typical Q&A).

Below are my responses that (apparently) made me worthy of an in-person meet up… and then a move in. Guess it worked out pretty well.

1. What are your current craft/ man-craft projects?

I am painting a lion for my friends parents! Previous artistic works includes a life-size painting of a moose.

2. It’s your turn to cook family dinner- what are you making us?

I love to cook! Here’s hoping you guys aren’t vegetarians because my favorite food in the world (right now) is this amazing coffee-rubbed steak. I can hardly speak while eating it. But if you are vegetarian, no worries — I’ll make amazing mashed roast sweet potatoes on the side with a kale caesar salad. Oh yeah.

3. Pitch us an idea for our group’s Halloween costume.

Anything with hats/wigs/headpieces of some kind. I like to make my hair into ears (like young Nala in The Lion King, Broadway version… worth Googling if you want to see what I mean).

4. 5 Best movies in your collection

Mary Kate & Ashley’s collected works… Billboard Dad is a fave, but the smuggling plotline in Holiday in the Sun is hard to beat.

5. Are there any surprises regarding your personal hygiene?

Wow, I hope not. I take really short showers? That can be surprising to some people. I was on swim team in high school and perfected the 5 minute rinse.

6. What’s your typical bedtime?

10:30ish on “school nights”.

7. Your idea of an ideal low-key Friday night includes:

Popcorn for dinner, hanging out with friends, and laughing really hard on the couch.

8. What Hogwart’s house would the sorting hat send you to?

Ravenclaw! I’m pretty smart but not noble enough for Gryffindor.

9. How long would you last in the Hunger Games arena? What would your survival strategy be?

Befriend Katniss with the goal of being the last two left… even if she betrayed me at least my final memories would be of being friends with Jennifer Lawrence.

10. Do you have a solid plan for the zombie apocalypse?

Not in the least.

11. Clearly, we will be Facebook stalking you. Is there anything you would like to explain?

The girl in every single one of my profile pictures is my business partner/best friend/current roommate Erika. We’re not in a fight or anything, just moving out to get more work life balance. Also, you should probably stalk her too since you’ll likely be hanging out with her a fair amount.

12. How do you feel about wood paneling? Seriously, your room is wood paneled. See the picture.

Always wanted to live in a tree.

13. What does your typical week day look like?

Wake up, go run or do yoga, shower, eat breakfast — to our office downtown around 9am.