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Traveling (for work and pleasure) to Pittsburgh –> Boston –> NYC over the past two weeks means:

  • Fewer blog posts
  • More adventures
  • Fewer car rides
  • More subway rides
  • Fewer dinners before 8pm
  • More New York bagels
  • Fewer meetings
  • More coffee-shop work sessions
  • Fewer voicemails returned
  • More catching up with best friends
  • Fewer clean clothes (actually, no clean clothes, unless you count brief hotel-sink spot-cleans
  • More long city walks
  • Fewer routines
  • More inspiration

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I always love getting the chance to travel, see friends, change up my routine, imagine life in a new city, eat new foods and get my brain whirring with new thoughts.

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Also so grateful to have a job that doesn’t have a countdown on “vacation days” and allows me to work from a coffee shop, hotel room, or friends’ tiny Brooklyn apartment. This working-for-myself thing really isn’t too bad.