Last Monday I pledged to do something unexpected and fun every day for other people.

Each day I woke up with grandiose plans to leave notes on trees and hand out free jars of peanut butter to unexpected strangers.

Instead, each day Erika and I returned to our hotel room after a long exhausting day of sampling and my little spark was mostly gone.

So, (perhaps inspired by the many Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show episodes we’ve watched each night while catching up on computer work in our pajamas) I did the simplest magical act of all: I wrote Thank You notes.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 6.08.51 PM

Three emails:

One to my favorite teacher in high school, telling her how much she inspired me.

One to a good friend who I don’t see enough (but who is always there for me).

One to my mom… because can you ever say “Thank You” to your mom too much?

It feels really great to compose a good thank-you note — to put happy thoughts out into the world, to send an email without any expectation of finished tasks or answered questions.

It’s all about the simple things.

Thanks Keri, for the inspiration (maybe next time I will put notes in trees!).