Inspirational Lady Monday + My Next Mission

6a00d83518cb2b53ef01156fc0d218970c-500wiThe inspirational lady on this rainy Monday is artist and author Keri Smith.

Author of several amazing books and collections of thoughts (as well as creator of unique challenges and illustrations), Keri has inspired people all over the world to approach the world in a new way.

keri smith journals

I followed Keri’s blog obsessively back in high school and only recently-rediscovered it. The little quotes she drops into her blog are so thought-provoking.

Keri has inspired me to seek a little more unexpected, irrational magic in my life this week! Reading her blog last night made me feel excited to leave a note in a public place, wrap a gift for a neighbor I haven’t met, give strangers kind compliments… What could be better inspiration than that?

tumblr_mudr7kFaVJ1qau7j6o1_1280So, my mission for the week (I’ll be traveling, but so much the better!): Do something unexpected and fun for other people every day. I’ll report back on Sunday with the little acts of magic I have done!

One thought on “Inspirational Lady Monday + My Next Mission

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