Maybe it’s just because I have been so full of big questions and confusion lately, but I have been feeling in need of some inspiration.

I’ve talked before about how easy to feel like I’m way out of my league, like sometimes this running-a-business thing is just too hard. When I hear from other women leading the way with honesty and a great sense of humor — well, that makes me feel much better.

Introducing the first (of what I hope is many) Inspirational Lady Mondays!


First off, the ladies of TheSkimm (which, if you don’t already subscribe to… you’re welcome).

The post I loved: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly via TheSkimm Blog

My favorite quote: “Being able to pitch our company to someone else forced us to rearticulate, redefine, and sharpen our vision for theSkimm. It turned us into better co-founders and co-CEOs. It brought us focus and tougher skin.”


Second: Lisa Sedlar, former CEO of New Seasons Market (our first store shelves!) and recent founder of Green Zebra Grocery here in Portland!

The post I loved: 10 Things I’ve Learned as an Entrepreneur via OEN Blog

My favorite quote: “I’ve made some really big mistakes. I’m really happy to talk about my mistakes. I valued the business maybe not where I should have. I didn’t know much about raising money. I still don’t know a lot about raising money. I’m learning that. I’ve learned to take the advice of people who are smarter than me.”