1. First, think of a few frustrating things that have “happened” to you and/or your business over the past couple weeks (never take any ownership of these problems because then it will be harder to feel sufficient self-pity)

2. Fiddle around on the computer pretending to work and instead cycle through various food blogs (while really wallowing in self-pity… a hopeless attitude is helpful here)

3. When your friends ask what’s wrong, tell them as dramatically as possible about your “problems”. When they have reasonable and perfectly good solutions for you, roll your eyes and think about how they just don’t understand the struggles of being an entrepreneur…

Clearly, I’ve gotten pretty good at this.

Self-pity is a trap I fall into when I am feeling overwhelmed in the face of a challenge. 

I decided it’s officially time to take ownership of the areas of my business that I struggle with, rather than throwing a pity party. Stay tuned for progress.