I like to read a healthy mix of fiction and non-fiction. I tend to read a couple books at one time, generally keeping one non-fiction around on my bedside table for regular installments of reality in between more gripping novels.

These four non-fiction books, however, held my entire literary attention from beginning to end. No need to take a break for a more exciting plotline — these authors know how to write a deeply personal, interesting, and thought-provoking narrative. All four will definitely be taking their place on the reread list sometime soon.

Thinking Out Loud by Anna Quindlen

This collection of articles and essays by Anna Quindlen was the first book I read this year. I love her voice, a combination of sentimental and poetic with down-to-earth, very real and sometimes sarcastic comments. Her strong voice and sense of self is clear throughout.

One of my favorite quotes from the book: “I don’t want to be perfect or fabulous or amazing. I just want to be good enough with a little relaxing time left over.”

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

I know, I know — I just posted about Brene Brown! When will the obsession end? Answer: never. I jumped on the Brene Brown train at the beginning of this year and my love for her writing just keeps picking up steam. This book is the perfect summation of everything she talks about surrounding vulnerability, empathy and living a full life  — Recommended to anyone who wants to improve their understanding of their families, friends and selves.

Carry On Warrior by Glennon Doyle

I started this collection of short personal stories and essays on a cross-country plane ride and couldn’t stop reading! I finished just as the plane touched down back in Portland. An emotional, touching and often hilarious read. With plenty of humor and an incredible lack of self-pity, Glennon frankly writes about her struggles with drugs, alcohol, motherhood, marriage, and more. An inspiring and honest look at life that really made me reflect on my own personal journey.

Bossypants by Tina Fey

Another book by an amazing woman author (I am actually just realizing how woman-author dominated this list is — maybe I should give male authored non-fiction a chance?). It was fascinating to read a bit more about Tina’s rise to fame in the comedy world, written with her signature self-deprecating and witty sense of humor. If you have a free afternoon or two, it’s a quick, satisfying, and hilarious read.