After fitful stops and starts, a variety of approaches, and lots of halfhearted effort, the Wild Friends Podcast has been officially retired.

We started our podcast with great intentions and a lot of ambition, but, as it turns out, podcasts are challenging. I also learned that in a rare hour of free time during the week that I’m feeling energized, chatty, and full of interesting ideas, the last thing I want to do is sit in my house and talk into a microphone.

For a while, Erika and I would try to podcast, but we never settled into a schedule or a routine. We’d guilt ourselves and each other out for not wanting to podcast, or not having any “good ideas” or not wanting to retell a story that the other had already heard for the purpose of an invisible audience. For how little we actually podcasted, we sure agonized over it a lot.

So, after over year of this, a couple weeks ago, Erika asked a really good question: “Why are we still podcasting?”

After all, we have real social media advertising via Instagram and Facebook that does a lot more for the company than our podcast. We have a recipe and photo blog that brings us a lot more personal satisfaction. None of these things cause us any anxiety or stress in production — in fact, we enjoy them! This just wasn’t true for podcasting.

So, we stopped! It was just that easy. Suddenly, I found myself with free space in my mind to pursue a new creative project that would be much more fulfilling.

So now I have my own personal blog — compiling all my more “thoughtful” written pieces from our company blog (which I have archived below).

I thought that a writing-focused blog deserved a separate place to be on the outskirts of the Wild Friends social media list, to encourage me to think deeply and reflect.

As one creative project fades, another takes it place.