I’m not big on “self-help” books. They usually just don’t resonate with me. I often read articles in magazines with titles like “Top 10 Things Happy People Do” or “How to Change Your Life in 3 Steps” but they always leave me a bit unsatisfied. Don’t we all know we’re happier when we exercise, get good sleep, eat well, socialize, work hard, etc? It’s pretty clear that satisfaction with life is more than just our daily habits – it’s a state of mind.

That said, if you ever read my more personal posts on this blog, you’ll know I have a few issues achieving this state of mind. In this world of constant comparison and my constant yearning for change, it takes frequent reminders for me to feel grounded and content. I’m a driven person, and generally happy, but not without the stresses and fears we all face.

So, when I was emailed Brene Brown’s infamous TED talk, I was a bit skeptical that it would be anything more than a feel-good pep talk. But I was wrong – she has a gift for getting to the heart of these issues.

Emboldened by the TED Talk, I recently purchased one of Brene’s books: The Gifts of Imperfection.

I read the entire book in one sitting. If I hadn’t been reading on my iPad, I would have been highlighting quote after quote — Brene’s writing is so powerful, relatable, and real. When we feel down, we tend to struggle alone because we think we are the only ones experiencing these feelings of doubt or shame! Brene explains that we are all struggling with fears of vulnerability and that the entire human experience is imperfect.

I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling with feeling content with themselves or their lives — it’s a great dose of non-corny perspective and motivation, written beautifully