There are some things nobody tells you when you start a peanut butter company. Or, at least, nobody told us. So.. just in case you’re thinking of trying it out, here’s some real talk.

First, the most basic thing of all: you’ll have sell some peanut butter. You probably already knew that…

See, we were so fixated with getting our product on shelves, we sort of forgot what would happen once we got through the web of UPC codes and Nutrition Facts and store managers. But, all of a sudden, we had jars on shelves and we wanted them to go home with customers.

If you want to sell a lot of peanut butter, you have to convince customers that your peanut butter is delicious. The best way to do that? Give them lots and lots of samples on tiny little spoons. Oh yeah — you’ll have to buy a lot of tiny little spoons.

You’ll also need to buy sensible standing shoes, and probably a scarf, too, because sometimes the peanut butter aisle is really close to the refrigerated section.

Sometimes, a store manager will suggest that you sample directly next to the donut case. Maybe you’ll exercise really good self restraint for the next three hours. Or, maybe you’ll take a really big bite of a particularly well frosted maple bar… and then throw it away. That’s crazy, I know… but a few hours spent in a grocery store can make a person crazy.

You’ll definitely have to pick a favorite flavor, because people will want to know which flavor is your favorite. You can keep the same favorite… or maybe you change it every single time you sample. Whatever makes sampling a little more interesting is absolutely necessary.

You’ll probably end up flying to Austin, Texas, just for the day, to meet with the grocery megapower that is Whole Foods. Then your meeting might run late… and then you’ll miss your flight home. Whoops. You’ll head to a hotel and then sleep in the clothes you wore to the meeting (a dress… is also sort of a nightgown, right?).

You might end up in a plane, a car, and a ferry boat, all in 24 hours. Everywhere you go, your peanut butter jars and sampling spoons go too. Also, your best friend… which is kind of awesome.

Yeah.. it’s kind of a crazy life. If you decide to go start a peanut butter company, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

But here’s the craziest part… the most important part that nobody told us: It’s all totally worth it.