Keeley Tillotson


I am a strategic partner for leaders and teams.

I specialize in helping individuals and companies through transitions of all kinds: launches, pivots, succession planning, exits, existential questions, and more. My mission is to help those I work with approach what’s next for them and their businesses with clarity, excitement, and cohesion.

I provide financial and operational support and project management, facilitate strategic planning, 1:1 career and leadership coaching, and help identify, shape and execute on strategic projects.

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Companies and projects I’ve co-created:

Wild Friends, the world’s most delicious nut and seed butter. Start with the Classic Creamy Peanut Butter – you’ll never go back.

Sustainable Strength, an energizing at-home strength training course.

Todayland, a collection of free resources for the body, mind, and spirit, including a free Year of Workouts: 156 workouts that take 30 minutes or less, no equipment required.

Recent Reading

“Nerves are cousin to excitement, and excitement is cousin to gratitude. Pay attention to your nerves: If you feel nervous, it’s a sign that a Very Big Thing is unfolding. Be nervous for how good that thing can be.”

Bravey, Alexi Pappas

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